My name is Bel Pye and I am a facilitator and performance artist. I am originally from Bristol, SouthWest England but my practice is based in Glasgow. I enjoy pulling queer and disability theories into my practice, and see accessible performance as a create practice.


Curriculum Vita

Bel Pye



Currently studying BA(Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Performance Experience:

Facilitator of ‘The Human Library’, part of the Sexology Season within the Behaviour Festival // April – May 2015, The Arches

Assistant at Loop Theatre // April 2015 – present, Govan Pearce Institute

Volunteer at Riding for the Disabled, Glasgow Group // April 2015 – present, Summerston

Volunteer at One Giant Leap, Sense Scotland // April 2015 – present, TouchBase

Drama assistant at Showdowns! Part of Downs Syndrome West of Scotland // April 2015 – present, Hutchinson’s Grammar School

Bodyhoods: part of the 2015 Into The New festival at the Arches Theatre, Glasgow

“… there’s an intelligent sensitivity and a dry humour that lifts the work beyond autobiographical musing or indulgent rhetoric. It challenges without compromise and balances personal passion and social critique in equal measures.” Gareth Vile, The Vile Bog

“Bel Jessica Pye’s Bodyhoods, a searching solo performance with voiceover about ideas of disability, and how they map on to an apparently normal body.”  JOYCE MCMILLAN, The Scotsman

“…she danced across the quicksand of politically correct attitudes using the words and experiences of unseen, disabled others.” MARY BRENNAN, The Herald

IndepenDance Steward at Gathered Together 2014, Scotland’s first integrated dance festival // August 2014, Tramway

Candoco 2014 International Summer Lab // August 2014, Greenwich Dance

Trinity Laban Dance Summer School // July 2014, Laban, Greenwich

…so we continue // May 20014, Chandler Theatre

Volunteer at DanceHouse // April 2014 – April 2015, Various Venues across Glasgow

Glory (Janice Parker Projects) // March 2014, Tramway

Let’s Not Talk About The Weather (Part of the Into The New Festival) // January 2014, The Arches

A La Buzzcarte, 3 Minute Masterpieces // January 2014, The Arches

Internship with Sense Scotland Arts team // October – December 2013, TouchBase

Primal Suspicion //2013 Ankur Festival, December, CCA Glasgow

I’m Still Gay and You’re Still Dying // September 2013, Arches Live Festival, The Arches

Unboxed: I’m Still Gay and You’re Still Dying and the accompanying interactive installation Breaking The Silence, provide a very emotional and thought provoking experience at the Arches Live which left many with a tear in their eye.” Mark McCulloch, The Public Reviews

Death By Shakespeare // August 2013, theSpace@Venue 45, Edinburgh Fringe

Death by Shakespeare is a fine example of a group focusing on details of presentation, utilising players’ strengths, and working excellently with each other.”*** Edinburgh Spotlight, Danielle Farrow

Red Lines // May 2013, RCS Chandler Theatre

100 Little Pennies // October – December 2012, Oakgove Primary School

Workshop Assistant with Depot arts, north Glasgow // summer 2012, various venues including Sighthill Youth center, nurseries and schools

Life After Life from the Wild-Fire Winging Swiftly Into the Night (As a Human I was Immoral and Sinful, I Deserve My Second Hell) // June 2012, RCS Chandler Theatre

Theatre exchange to Hinds Community College, Jackson Mississippi, USA // 2009

Other Skills

  • Fist Aid Qualified (British Red Cross)
  • Member of the PVG scheme
  • Trained Usher at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Arches (includes fire, Evac chair and sighted guidance training)
  • Plays violin
  • Reads music
  • Experienced Singer (Grade 8 ABRSM)
  • Deaf Awareness training (2 day, Solar Bear)
  • Completed PPT training March 2015, HMP Barlinnie



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