Have you Accessibility Accessed your performance?

How have your marketed your performance? Are you marketing materials available in

  • large print
  • braile
  • audio
  • signed video
  • simple language/image supported
  • Does it provide warning of potentially triggering material (both physical – strobe – or mental – portraying distressing topics)

How do audience members enter your venue? How do they enter the space?

  • Are there any stairs? Even tiny steps can be difficult to access via wheelchair
  • do you provide sighted guidence?
  • are there bannisters along corridors/walkways?
  • do any of the FOH team sign?
  • are the corridors and doorways wide enough for wheelchairs?
  • do you provide free tickets for support workers?
  • are there disabled toilets?
  • are there gender neutral toilets?

Where are the audience placed during your performance?

  • Is there space for wheelchairs? Can wheelchair users choose their position, or is it dictated to them?
  • Are you seats numbered? If so, are they in Braille/large type?
  • Are your audience standing? if so, have you provided seats for audience that cannot remain standing for a long time
  • are hard of hearing or deaf audience members positioned where they can lip-read?

How accessible is your performance material?

  • Do you use text? if so, is it signed? do you provide a hearing loop? Is you performance captioned?
  • Do you use visuals? if so, do you have an audio describer and a pre-show touch tour?
  • Do you use strobe that could trigger epileptic audience members? If so, have you provided warning?
  • Does your material have the potential to trigger PTSD episodes/panic attacks/low mood? if so, have you provided adequate warning?
  • Does your performance allow for audience members to come and go easily?
  • Does your performance allow for noise / movement within the audience?

What after-care do you provide?

  • If you have raised sensitive topics, do you give people information about support and services available? Can you create a safe post-show space for people to take time after the show/
  • How can you get feedback on the accessibility of your performance, in order to improve it in future?

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