Letter to Mary Lambert

I have developed a new daily practice of letter writing. Tis is where I write a letter to someone who has either greatly inspired me/my process or someone who has greatly angered me.

Here is the first I wrote, to musician Mary Lambert:

Dear Mary,

Thank you for being bi-polar, overweight, disorganised , gay and humanely imperfect.

When I listen to Secrets I fell I can celebrate myself as you celebrate yourself and anyone who has ever had to hide, smother or disown parts of themselves.

I am an artist, making work about people who fall intothe “other” of society. I am mentally ill, queer, overly and overtly political and have beautiful hairy armpits. I fall into otherness however hard I have tried not to in the past. I have chosen to claim my otherness as my source of power.

Doing this can be lonely. it can be dangerous. I can receive ignorance, aggression and disrespect for openly expressing my politics. I still hide them, sometimes, despite myself.

I am performing “woman” as a femme queer…. which can make the love life a bit complicated.  I love the people and communities who sometimes don’t like me. Listening to Secrets reminds me that this is OK, that I am doing the right thing. My path may be lonely, but I will find (and have already found) the most amazing of people.

I am lucky, and Secrets reminds me of that.

Thanks you Thanks you Thank you

What you do is wonderful. Please continue to be your spectacular, extraordinary self.

With all the love you, I, and everyone so rightly deserves

Bel Pye


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