Reflection on Microlab Improvisation


nerves. still. feel jittery having improvised in a one-on-one setting. I was late – that’s what started it. having extremes and then refining works for me.

I broke my clothes and I like that – exoskeleton piercing outer skin, like a tusk.


It’s a dung beetle, crustation, many legs and feet.  It scuttles. It has antenna, it has needles that penetrate your skin. horns. crutches as bone. It makes noises as it scuttles. noises caused by different parts of the crutch as I move and roll. the circular bits of plastic that created eyes and noise. I liked it when I left a trail of abandoned crutch, like a shedding skin, or a dying creature.

it can morph, pulled apart and put back together in different ways.

to achieve monstrosity… remove skin, eyes, face. it’s about distorting rather than extending (for now)


Clothing. PVC and black sparkles might work. Jack Webb style. Allowing glimpses of crutch, not letting it be very visibly obviously a crutch. Uncanny, almost one thing but not quite, like a landscape in a nightmare that you saw that day but now the beach is black and the sea’s tide sucks the oily water down into a pit.

The hospital grey – yellowing plastic used for mobility equipment. Practical, but school dinner cuisine. the grey to yellowing hue is not sexy

Stay with this

keep pushing it

“execute ideas to the max”

“stay in the room”


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