*TW* discusses eating disorders

Hunger Aches caressing me in places no lovers hand can touch They’re jealous They’ll never have what we have I see the numbers by my feet drop, day by day

I love You

I love you

I love You

I love you too much. You’re too precious for this world. If I can’t have you, no-one will

You know how to tease

letting tastes settle on my tongue and

before I let it enter me

it’s flung into the bin

semi-swallowed flavours sink

I am filled with desire for You

lusting endlessly, unable to sleep

take me. please.

to the place you’ve promised me

where I can be as light as air

as delicate as a cry at dawn

You make me your whore.

Your emptiness satisfies me

They will never understand

They can’t see it the way we do

we are clutched in a spiral

of exquisite destruction

pleasure ripples through me

as we sink, down,



Will we come up for air?

I don’t know. I don’t care.

I want you. all of You

Your tongue, mouth and lips

to swallow me



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