Scotland’s FIRST EVER Integrated Dance Festival!

I was unbelievebly honoured to be involved with Scotland’s first ever integrated dance¬†festival. I sincerely hope this event continues in the future as it was exciting, refreshing and the atmosphere was fantastic.


BODYHOODS : performance for January 2015, Into the New Festival



Am I able or disabled?

I have limits. So do you.

What happens when the person you are is not the person you look like? Can only women wear a dress and heels, and should you use a wheelchair when you can walk? Who is allowed to darken their skin?

The body is a target of attack and a place of shelter. It is a source of strength and the justification of self-sabotage. It is how we meet the world. “BODYHOODS” asks to what degree we perform the identities we are assigned or strive to own. Drawing upon personal experiences of invisible disability, Bel Pye asks who is allowed a disabled identity.

This performance is fully accessible to deaf audience members.