Taking Flight


M3 performing Taking Flight as part of The Great Big Dance Show at the Dundee Rep in October 2013:

Here we see bodies moving through the space as music is played. We see standing bodies, sitting bodies, bodies with wheels, bodies without wheels, male bodies, female bodies, bodies up high and down, bodies pushing and pulling, bodies being pulled and pushed.

When watching movement, do we read a wheelchair as part of the body, or do we see it as a separate vessel – merely something to hold the body? The politics of the wheelchair is something I touched on before in the blog post TGIF!. Some wheelchairs are controlled by the user, where as other wheelchair’s need a second person to move them, and some can work either way. Therefor it may be necessary for a wheelchair to be regularly handled by people other than the user.

The politics and aesthetics of the wheelchair, as well as other things that are used to aid mobility such as the crutches used by Claire Cunningham, is of great interest to me. Despite not using any mobility equipment myself, I would like to investigate what the relationship is, or can be, between someone and theirs. Within a somatic movement practice, where do wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames sit?


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