Nice and Smoooth

We started a new sculpture project today. The plan is to cover plastic bottles in coloured tissue, and then to string them up in a chandelier shape to be hung from the ceiling. I really enjoy the change in placement from the last sculpture – from floor to ceiling – and the colours look magic in the light.

In the morning I tried to demonstrate how to cover the bottles by demonstrating on my own bottle. I feel happier demonstrating on my own work rather than on someone else’s – it feels less invasive and the other person has freedom to work it out for themselves. One participant was very enthusiastic with the paper, so I tried to show how the surface needed to be smooth. We ended up creating a movement to go with the phrase ‘nice and smooth’, pushing both hands around the bottle to smooth it down. It became quite a rhythmic call and response exercise. I noticed the participant had a number of movements for other words, including dance, trampoline, painting and cake baking. This natural choreography interested me as a potential starting place for a piece of work.



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